Wray Plumbing & Heating Workplace Safety

It is Wray Plumbing and Heating Company’s belief that our people are our most important asset and that the preservation of employee Safety and Health must remain a constant consideration in every phase of our business. It is our intent to provide a work environment as free of hazards as possible.

Wray Plumbing & Heating Workplace Safety

All employees are responsible for working safely and productively, always remaining aware of hazards in their jobs and following recognized safe work practices, including the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We believe that any safety and health program must have total employee involvement.

Our workplace safety program has management’s highest priority, support, and participation.  Safety begins at the top and goes downward throughout the company. Our goals include having an injury free workplace. This can be achieved by delegating responsibility and accountability to all involved in this company’s operation.

Benefits of achieving our goals are:

  • To minimize all injury accidents.
  • To prevent the loss of property and equipment.
  • No fatalities.
  • No permanent disabilities.
  • Implement the best Safety and Health conditions possible in the work place.

We achieve these goals through a variety of methods:Wray Plumbing & Heating achieves their workplace safety goals.

  • All employees of Wray Plumbing and Heating Company attend and participate in Weekly jobsite safety meetings.
  • Goal setting both corporately and for each project
  • Employing a full time Health and Safety Officer on staff
  • Regular safety training for all employees including OSHA 10-hour construction safety certification