Services Offered by Wray Plumbing and Heating Company

Wray Plumbing & Heating has been involved in Commercial and Industrial Facility Mechanical work since 1955, contributing to the Mechanical System Design and Operations on over 500 different applications. We provide full Mechanical and Plumbing Systems, less Fire Protection. Design/Build, Design Assist, Budget Estimating and Plan/Specification Construction, Medical Gas Systems, Fabricated and Pre-fabricated Mechanical Piping, and HVAC System Installation. We provide fully coordinated and developed Coordination Drawings, when applicable. We have very qualified and experienced management, field and office personnel to support multiple projects of various size and complexity, concurrently.

  • Construction Services – Wray Plumbing & Heating Company maintains that “Do Whatever It Takes” attitude to initiate construction. We prefer to coordinate with all trades prior to start of construction in order to minimize common conflicts. Prompt attention to plans, specifications, submittals, coordination drawings and clarification requests is extremely vital. Schedule update input and delivery tracking will develop into a large involvement.
  • Pre-Construction Services – This process starts with technical coordination and collaboration through a level of professionalism, experience and technical knowledge that inspires confidence within the project team. The overall goal of our process is to optimize scope and budget and to clearly define the project approach, prior to commencement of construction activities.
  • Budgeting Analysis –  In the preconstruction environment, the estimate source is derived from insightful collaboration between the Owner, Design Team, and Contractors. The quality of the estimate is determined by the ability of the team to communicate effectively during the process. The value added to the project during this process has proven significant. This differs from the traditional bid process which is simply a response to drawings and specifications. The quality of the estimate is defined and enhanced by the quality of the drawings provided. Allowances and contingencies are identified and carried through the pre-construction phase for costing exercises, to cover information lacking or unidentified scope requirements. These contingencies allow further development of the drawings and specifications.
  • Value Analysis – We assist in analyzing mechanical components, materials, equipment and systems constructability, to maximize value without compromising the team’s goals with regard to function. This team approach is a powerful problem-solving tool that can reduce costs while maintaining or improving performance through quality control.
  • Risk Management – A partnering effort is developed with continual communication of drawing evolution to establish a means of checks and balances. With this measure in place, any contractor and design issues can be brought to light which may affect constructability and timeliness of the project delivery.
  • Quality Control – On our projects, quality is of primary importance. This starts with the initial procurement of equipment and materials that meet or exceed the specified requirements. Material procurement starts with the proper coordination with the General Contractor and other trades for delivery and storage of onsite materials and equipment, before arrival to the jobsite. A thorough inspection is made upon receipt onsite, or to our warehouses storage space, there are weekly on-site reviews by our project managers and field superintendents, with the focus on providing the client with a fully operational mechanical system in the most cost effective manner possible with proper material and equipment delivery.
  • Design Assistance – Wray will take a responsive and leadership role in any high profile project which requires design assist, and pre-construction activities. This process allows Wray to focus on what the owner desires while working in a team atmosphere with the design team and construction team to create, design and build a successful project.
  • Design Build – Wray’s approach to “Design/Build” projects is to facilitate the initial design process in a fashion that enhances consolidation of the team, especially the MEP group. Upon completion of the customer survey, general acceptance of the budget constraints and customer buy-in, the systems approach is established.
  • GMP – A guaranteed maximum price by definition is simply the maximum amount an owner has to pay for a project, given a set of contract documents that may not be 100% complete. The G.M.P. is the price based upon the partially completed documents plus a contingency for the unknown.Our G.M.P. subcontract prices are known. This nearly eliminates any unknown items and consequently minimizes the amount of the contingency carried in the price.
  • GMP Estimating – This starts as a commitment to our original accurate budget provided to the design / construction team through the changes any project takes throughout the preconstruction leading to final design.
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis – This is a method for assessing the total cost of facility ownership. It takes into account all costs of acquiring, owning, and disposing of a building or building system. This becomes useful when project alternatives fulfill the same performance requirements, but differ with respect to initial costs and operating costs, have to be compared in order to select the one that maximizes net savings.
  • Alternate Systems Evaluation – Proven technical applications that Wray has successfully implemented in past projects and offering, introducing and demonstrating these concepts to the design / construction team for evaluation.
  • Scheduling – Scheduling considerations are a key to cost savings measures during the preconstruction phase of a project.  We work diligently with the project team to assist in the development of the overall project schedule. Our input in submittal processes, project phasing, sequences and early long lead equipment identification provides realistic project goals and helps clearly define the critical path for project delivery.
  • Cost Control & Value Engineering – These are critical parts in maintaining a firm G.M.P.  Cost control is established in the pre construction phase by assisting and being proactive with the design team during the design and development of the project.
  • Constructability Review – Wray will take the leadership role in the review and comment of any and all in process mechanical drawings during the design development stage of this projects and phases. Through these reviews the Wray can determine constructability issues which will be resolved early in the preconstruction phase rather than being discovered during the construction phase.
  • Document Coordination – With Wray taking the lead in constructability review of the documents, issues affecting not only our mechanical trades but all trades will be identified.  These findings need to be discussed and resolved with all other trades early on during the document coordination phase of the project. Wray will lead in BIM / CAD collision studies to identify issues impacting schedule early on with all other associated trades. Cost savings during this process can be identified as well,
  • Team Coordination – We believe thorough Project Management is the key activity for success in all projects that we participate in, and to insure and control the quality of any system requires a Full Team Effort. On-site, the project superintendents will oversee the field installation of our work and the work of our subcontractors. They will coordinate with all trades on the job to provide an efficient, high quality installation. Coordination and communication with other trades is emphasized; as well as immediate correction of any work that does not meet the expected level of performance. These items are found during the performance of weekly reviews of progress, system inspection and testing prior to project closeout.

Wray Plumbing and Heating Company is a leader in Northern Colorado in the development and functionality of Mechanical Preconstruction Services. Our years of experience and success in providing these services give us the confidence and optimism to take on significant projects. Our desire to serve our clients is the force that drives the program to success. We continually challenge ourselves as a premiere Mechanical Contracting Company, and improve our methods and programs, to improve the efficiency for our clients. We will serve you in any capacity that we can.

Wray is a distinctive, exciting company valued by its employees and customers, respected by its competitors and acknowledged as a leader and a major asset in the community in which it serves and operates.